Next Generation

A Modern Twist to an Age Old Problem

Are your users installing software without your knowledge?

Is your technical support inundated with user queries?

Do you have the ability to install software simply and easily across all devices within your fleet?

Moving to Windows 7 needn’t be monkey business. Remove the headache with a one click, low touch solution that springboards your desktop experience for all users within 30 minutes.

At Thomas Duryea Consulting, our mantra is simple: “Simplify; Automate; Enable”. By helping organisations engage, design, build, pilot & deploy workstation and server systems management foundations, the administration, management and support of your workstation fleet is no longer a headache.

Sure, we understand that application delivery, new hardware, plug and play devices, virtual desktop infrastructure, workstation data migration, thin client, user experience and application virtualisation, can pose a challenge for any IT department. However, with the ability to eradicate such user centric difficulties once and for good, the modern twist to an age old problem is certainly something to discuss.

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Thomas Duryea Consulting is Australia’s leading IT Infrastructure consultancy.

We specialise in all aspects of Information Technology, from managed services, through to data centre, data management, systems management and cloud consulting.

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